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Lochbuie Standing Stones, Moy Castle and Laggan Sands

Two short walks and one longer walk to the Standing Stones and the MacLaine stronghold of Moy castle, in the scenic and historic glen of Lochbuie, plus a longer walk past Moy Castle to Laggan Sands. All three walks are in the setting of the magnificent backdrop of Ben Buie.


Access to the bronze age circle, is from Lochbuie Village road. As you travel towards Loch Buie,  Ben Buie is sighted as are the trees on the left. The road opens out to cross a stone bridge. Park just at the bridge (sign on the gate) and go through the field towards a wood on the right. You cross a plank of wood spanning a ditch. Near here there is a single standing stone. The stone circle is behind the rhododendrons to the left. Little is known about these stones, however it is a peaceful and beautiful spot. White stones mark the best route. Some visitors try to find their own way across the boggy land, however, this is not advisable. Return using the same route. Access to Moy Castle is not permitted through the estate farm area.

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Stout walking shoes/boots are advised as the ground is often wet underfoot.
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magnificent ben buie
Ben Buie

ben buie and the standing stones
Ben Buie and the standing stones


On leaving the stone circle area, drive south to the village post office and park in the car park on the shoreline. Walk east along the shoreline path, past St. Kilda's Church (note the fine stained glass windows to St. Columba and St. Finnan and biblical scenes). St Kilda's church is a Scottish Episcopal Church of Argyll and the Isles consecrated in 1876; Laird MacLaine of Lochbuie raised funds for its construction.  Various monuments within  the church are to his family, and  others belonging to this part of Mull.

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st kildas church loch buie

St. Kilda's Church

stained glass at st kildasStained glass at St. Kilda's Church

stained glass at st kildas

loch Uisg on road to loch buie
Loch Uisg

After visiting St. Kilda, carry on walking past the church and take the gate following the shoreline (not to the big house) - you will see the castle is ahead in view. Moy Castle was built in the 15th century by Hector MacLean, brother of Maclean of Duart and the founder of the re-named Maclaines of Lochbuie who made it their home. It is a 3 storey tower with a garret with a well on the ground floor.  It was captured from the Maclaines and garrisoned by Campbell followers but later returned to the Maclaines. It was abandoned in 1752 when a new house was built. The entrance door is locked now because of a risk of crumbling masonry although restoration work is currently being completed on it (2006/2007). Although access is not currently permitted to the castle, the castle is still worth a visit as it has a commanding view over  Lochbuie.   St Kilda was probably a mythical person as the name is only connected with the island which has the proper name of Hirta.  An ancient well on the island has the inscription " Tobar Childa" "Well of Kilda" perhaps a Norse Saint Kildar.  A Celtic cross built into the porch wall of the church is believed to be 800 years old

moy castle
Moy Castle

Return by the same route.

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MAP OS EXPLORER 375 Isle of Mull East


Ben Buie from Laggan
Ben Buie from Laggan


Walk to Laggan Sands to be added at a later date.

laggan sands loch buie isle of mull
Laggan Sands

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