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Food Glorious Food

food glorious food, hot sausage and mustard,
while we're in the mood, cold jelly and custard.....

Both John & Jane cook at Seaview - we both love food (the battle of the bulge and the expanding waistlines are always testimony to that, although walking Megan and Lainie helps to keep the inches off!). We enjoy cooking for our guests, trying out new recipes with local seasonal produce, adapting traditional recipes and generally having fun in the kitchen. John is the Scottish equivalent of the Swedish Chef (for those of you who remember the Muppet Show!) and he does a good impression of the grumpy old geezers in the theatre show balcony too!  Jane on the other hand is more of a 'Delia'; so our styles are very different but surprisingly we work incredibly well together in the kitchen and produce some cracking good meals.

Why is food so important to us?

Slow Food Supporters Scheme Well, other than the obvious reason that we need food to survive, we both appreciate good food cooked and presented really well because in a busy frenetic world, sitting down to eat a meal is very often the only time in the day that folk actually stop what they are doing, sit down, relax and catch up with each other. Whenever our children visit, we like to eat the main meal each day together round the table without the distractions of iphones, ipods, ipads, laptops and television! We are passionate believers in the 'slow food' movement and we believe that this is the best way to eat -  using locally sourced and home grown produce, organic wherever possible, seasonally produced and as fresh as the daisies on our lawns. We are members of the Slow Food Supporters Scheme Have a look at their website and tell me that this has got to be the perfect antidote for 'fast food' and a welcome relief to everyone who enjoys really good, honest food.

Breakfast - the holy grail

breakfast choices at SeaviewBreakfast (the main meal of the day and some may argue the most important meal; after all you are 'breaking your fast') is a relaxed and leisurely affair at Seaview served in the breakfast room with glorious panoramic views over looking the aquamarine blue waters of the Sound of Iona Your breakfast is cooked fresh to order - we don't expect you to order your breakfast the night before, offering you genuine Scottish hospitality alongside Jane's homemade scotch pancakes and naughty whisky marmalade.

Our breakfasts are famous around the world because we offer a wide and varied selection of foods that cater for most folk including vegans and vegetarians. As well as our famous 'Fingal's Breakfast' for those with a hearty appetite (designed to set you up for the day), we offer lighter alternatives as well as seasonal specials and we use fresh ingredients sourced locally. We don't force feed you and we don't waste food. Guests who stayed with us recently claimed the only difference between the quality and scrumptiousness of our breakfast and that served in the illustrious home of a well known Clan Chief on the Isle of Skye was the price! Well I reckon that was a compliment if I ever heard one.

Picnic Lunches a lá Seaview

Although we don't offer full board in the truest sense of the word, we wouldn't want you to go hungry during the day especially if you are out and about traipsing round our wonderful landscapes working up an appetite. We can pack you up with your own mouth-watering picnic lunch so you can have an 'al fresco' affair on the beach, in the glens, up a mountain or just sat in the front garden watching the world go by - or even watching the dolphins performing ballet dances up and down the Iona Sound.

Scrummilicious good old fashioned home cooking from the best of Scotland's Natural Larder
As an island we are fortunately blessed with the lack of 'fast food' outlets and high street shops and supermarkets. This means we have to rely quite a lot on the locally produced food, seasonally grown fresh produce and a hefty dose of creativity and self-reliance. As a home cook and taught as a girl by her mum, Jane's style of cooking is old fashioned, rustic, country home cooking using the best fresh produce we can source and provide for you. It means cooking food from scratch using our imagination and making sure that the food on your plate is tasty, appetising, nutritionally balanced and plentiful.

It can be quite a challenge at times but with lamb from Knockvologan Farm, beef from Ardalanish farm, pork from Dervaig, venison from Pennyghael along with our own Seaview Seafood platter of lobster, crab, scallops, langoustines, and mussels caught from the coastal waters around us we do pretty well and you won't go hungry. Seasonal salads and vegetables are grown at The Crofters Kitchen Garden at Kintra and other fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered to our door. Evening meals are served in April & September only and by prior arrangement only (Monday through to Thursday) so, if you're up for it and fancy some good nosh without breaking the bank let us know before you arrive.

If you love sea food we do our own seafood platters - please do enquire as these are subject to availability and prices depend on the season. Email: Seafood Platter Enquiry

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