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The pier from Ulva looking to Ben More Isle of Mull

Seaview's Responsible Tourism Policy

The Isle of Mull is an exceptional place of great beauty and diversity but it exists within a fragile eco-system.
We love where we live and we care for our surroundings to the best of our ability.

Green Tourism Business SchemeSeaview is an environmentally & ecologically aware business and we have held the GOLD Green Tourism Business Award  since August 2005 in recognition of our excellence in Environmental Management with significant good practice and established systems. We have adopted a responsible and pro-active work ethos to ensure that we limit to a minimum, any potential damage as a result of tourism. There are limited natural resources on the planet and we prefer to be responsible in how we use them. Our business practices are not motivated by any political agenda, nor do we take the moral high ground on the choices others make in the way they lead their lives. We take a balanced view and approach to life and have quietly adopted these practices and incorporated them into our own daily lives and business because we believe it is the right thing to do; we try to lead by example but we don't preach to our guests. We are however happy to engage in lively debate with you and you may be pleasantly surprised at how much we do, yet, in our view it is really quite ordinary and unremarkable.
                     We are also members of the Mull Eco-Charter Scheme.


1) To promote, encourage and support environmentally and ecologically aware business practices without compromising our professional service, customer care and comfort and excellent world-wide reputation in the hospitality & tourist industry;
2) To continue the global promotion of the Ross of Mull as an area of significant, outstanding and natural beauty with the emphasis on:
     (a) Natural history - wildlife, birds, sea life, geological interests, flora & fauna,
     (b) Historical, religious, literary, cultural, culinary and architectural importance as well as,
(c) Outdoor leisure pursuits and activities such as walking, climbing, cycling, fishing, bird and wild life watching, sailing, photography, to name but a few!


To achieve the Gold Standard Award we are rigorously assessed every two years on our environmental management systems including how we source our suppliers and how 'green' they are? This also includes the food and drink we provide our guests - so it won't come as too much of a surprise to you to learn we source the delicious food we cook and serve, as close to home as possible. This means our carbon footprint is considerably reduced and the 'food miles' much lower, which all means that the food we are cooking and serving you is fresher and tastes soooooo much better!

Slow Food Supporters Scheme
As members of the Slow Food supporters movement, we appreciate good food too and believe that eating together should be an enjoyable and relaxed affair. The philosophy behind the Slow Food movement states: "We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to pleasure and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of food, tradition and culture that make this pleasure possible. Our movement is founded upon this concept of eco-gastronomy – a recognition of the strong connections between plate and planet. Slow Food is good, clean and fair food. We believe that the food we eat should taste good; that it should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health; and that food producers should receive fair compensation for their work."

We cook all of our food to order using fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients provided from local farmers, crofters, market gardeners and fisherman from the island as much as we can - as you can imagine it isn't always possible living on an island but we have a considerable 'larder' here. When we can't source local, we go island wide, then Argyll wide and then we try to source from around Scotland. Only then do we source from beyond. Local produce for us includes herbs from the garden, home made marmalade and lemon curd, home made bread, delicious organic biscuits in the bedroom from Island Bakery, fresh fish and seafood from local coastal waters, lamb from Knockvologan Farm near Fionnphort, organic beef from Ardalanish Farm near Bunessan, garden salads and real organic farmyard eggs from The Crofters Garden at Kintra, and Isle of Mull cheese to name but a few. As a business we have also been instrumental in pushing the co-operative slaughterhouse on the island to produce and supply locally reared pork & venison sausages from the farmers and crofters who 'through-put' their beasts, so that we can provide them for breakfast to our guests. We believe in the principle of a fair price for a fair product (Fair Trade) but we also believe that Fair Trade (just like charity) begins at home. We do stock some Fair Trade products however we won't compromise on quality and taste and we don't believe our guests should have to either.


We haven't any of the renewable and alternative energy technology in the house although it's not because we don't believe in it or haven't tried to embrace it because we have! However the house is old (over 160 years) and is built from 3 foot thick granite walls and most of the new technology available today just isn't suitable or compatible with such an old house either for practical purposes, financial implications and pay back periods or just plain suitability!

In an energy efficient audit carried out in 2008 by the Energy Saving Trust, the principle advice given to us based on our then business practices, and which was regarded as the most cost effective way for us to save on energy consumption, reduce our fuel bills and carbon footprint was to insulate the two north facing bedroom walls!

That said our 'Proud to be Green' policy is an ever evolving one which is regularly reviewed and developed, introducing new measures as and when we can. We started in 2005 straight after we first received the Gold Award and below are some of the things we have introduced, adapted and adopted since. We have since received the Gold Award in 2007 and again in 2010 when we were last assessed. We are due to assessed again in May 2012. Every year since 2005 we have made a number of changes, some big and some small; some significant investments and others of minimal cost to us. A lot of what we do is not rocket science but good old-fashioned common sense and can easily be incorporated into most homes and households - if there is a will, there is a way.

So far in 2012 we have committed to the following and as you can see, it really is an evolving and continuously assessed process:

shieling dryer tent in use at Seaview Bed & Breakfast Isle of Mull1) Trialling and purchasing the Shieling Dryer - a very simple and cost effective way of drying laundry 24 hours a day, 365 days a year regardless of the weather outside. We hope to make significant savings on our electricity bill and reduce our electricity consumption within the first 6 months to recoup the cost of the purchasing the Shieling Dryer, which to be honest is low cost and great value for money It's so simple it's hard to believe that it works and also that it isn't well known. Maybe with the economy in such tatters more people will be looking for ways to cut their bills and this is one way of doing so. Additional unexpected and pleasant benefits to the Shieling Dryer have been no bird poop on the clean washing (how tiresome is that?) and the just washed freshness that comes with line dried laundry is locked in rather than evaporated like tumble drying does to it.
2) The last bath in the house has been removed (ours) - our own bathroom has been completely gutted and has been fitted with water and power saving devices including a dual flush toilet, shower, low energy bulbs and a thermostatically and time controlled towel heater which uses low wattage;

3) A new low wattage electric heater in the kitchen which can be thermostatically and time controlled - this has eliminated a 'cold' spot in the house and reduced the need for the central heating boiler to come on;
4) Participated in an Eco-Tourism Conference in the local area and facilitated group discussions about the internationally recognised accreditation programme Green Tourism Business Scheme with a view to encouraging other local tourism businesses to join;
5) Our tumble dryer has been replaced with a triple 'A' rated Bosch dryer to back up the drying we do using the Shieling Dryer and to fluff the line dried towels up so they are still beautifully soft. It's an amazing piece of equipment - it works out how long to dry the laundry for depending on weight and dampness! We have also purchased a new AA rated Bosch washing machine.
6) We have renewed our membership with the Slow Food movement and have also increased our commitment by upgrading to the Business Supporters Scheme.
7) Extended our Gold Green Tourism network, supporting other Gold green tourism businesses around Scotland and encouraging guests to consider going green when touring Scotland and looking for somewhere to stay. See further details below
8) Through Organic Holidays with whom we advertise, we are participating a Choose Green loyalty scheme which promotes green brands to the British public and offers 15% discounts to customers who choose to purchase green products.
9) One of our bug bears when staying in accommodation are the small slow boiling energy efficient kettles; when you want a cup of tea you don't want to wait for it. For years we have resisted buying these slow kettles for our guest rooms even though we knew they weren't energy efficient. However we have been able to source small kettles that boil water quickly. This means that the kettles are no longer over-filled with water (which was the main problem) but boil just as quickly as a normal sized kettle. Happy compromise! Happy guests.
10) Jane sits on the steering committee for a Long Pathway project from Craignure to Fionnphort facilitated through the Mull & Iona Community Trust as part of the Ross of Mull & Iona Development Project.
11) Seaview has been instrumental in pushing for locally reared and produced pork sausages to be made available through the island's farmers and slaughterhouse to local accommodation providers wishing to source and showcase local sausages for the breakfast plate.

In 2011, we made the following changes and investments:

1) Installed a new energy efficient oil condensing to help reduce our oil consumption;
2) Re-fitted the ground floor bathroom replacing the bath with a large walk in shower and installed a new dual flushing toilet helping us to reduce the amount of water we use;
3) We changed our electricity supplier to Ecotricity and now all of our electricity comes from renewable energy.

In 2010, we successfully maintained:

1) our Gold Award when we were inspected and graded again this year;
2) and in conjunction with the Scottish Wildlife Trust we 'adopted' a beaver, red squirrel, peregrine falcon and an osprey. Our sponsorship will raise vital funds for the protection and the conservation work that the SWT carry out.

In 2009, we
introduced the following:

1) we completely gutted the kitchen and had a total refit. Our fridge, freezer, dish washer, ovens etc are all A rated energy efficient appliances and the lighting we installed is all low energy spot & LED;
2) our business stationery is printed on 100% post-consumer paper;
4) started a green B&B network and encourage guests touring Scotland to stay with other Gold awarded Green Businesses. Further details of these can be found below.
5) Replaced the landing window with a new uPVC double glazed window.
6) Replaced 2 toilets in the guest shower rooms with dual flushing controls.

In 2008, further changes we made included:

1) additional loft insulation throughout effectively doubling it;
2) blinds were installed in the breakfast room to reduce the loss of heat through the windows at night and during the winter and thereby reducing energy consumption;
3) replaced main office computer system with a laptop to reduce energy;
4) relocated and installed a radio controlled thermostat in the hall to control and monitor room temperatures. This keeps the house at an even temperature and stops hot and cold spots developing thereby reducing energy costs;
5) we replaced three of the windows with new Upvc double glazing - one of which is in the kitchen allowing extra light in and thereby reducing the need to have electrical lighting on for most of the day.
6) An Energy Efficiency Audit was carried out by an independent consultant through the Energy Saving Trust

In 2007, in response to our guests comments, we made a number of small changes all of which are designed to help reduce waste and energy consumption. These include:
1) we provide fresh milk for guests instead of the little plastic pots of UHT milk;
2) we make butter pats each morning using Lockerbie butter for the breakfast table instead of using paper wrapped butter portions;
3) Jane makes her own marmalade now and rumour has it there is whisky in it too!
4) John installed thermal blackout blinds in 2 of the guest bedrooms (to help reduce heat loss)
5) And because we believe passionately in our responsibility towards the environment, in 2007 we became members of   - the world's largest selection of responsible and ecotourism holidays. Please do click on the link for further information.

In 2006 our first after receiving Gold, we made the following changes:

1) We changed our electricity power supply to a green energy provider which also supports the RSPB;
2) We replaced our commercial washing machine for two AAA energy rated domestic washing machines;
3) and we provide refillable organic bathroom toiletries from Arran Aromatics to reduce packaging and unnecessary waste.


We regularly ask our guests what do they think about what we do at Seaview and the responses we receive all indicate that our efforts are appreciated and applauded - many of our guests have chosen to come and stay with us because of what we do and always go home inspired to want to make changes in their own homes. Believe it or not it is the smallest changes you make that have the greatest and most significant impact on the environment and surprisingly on your wallet - in the nicest way possible of course. Remember the old saying 'Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!". It isn't rocket science, it is just good old-fashioned common sense, just like our grannies did in the 1940s and 1950s. Everything we do here at Seaview, can be duplicated in every home around the world; all it takes is the will to do it and a little organisation! If you want to check out your own green credentials click on the link and calculate your own carbon footprint.

GOLD GREEN NETWORK - working together for a greener Scotland

Other ways you can help and support our efforts and those of other people in the tourist industry is by making an environmentally responsible choice when deciding where to stay. We are delighted that more accommodation providers around Scotland have joined the GTBS and have linked up with the following bed & breakfast homes where we know the people who own them are as committed to making the same efforts as ourselves to help protect and make Scotland a greener place to live and visit. So if you are touring Scotland this year and would like to know where else you can stay we are happy to recommend the following places to stay, all of whom are VisitScotland 4/5 star accredited and have been awarded Gold by the Green Tourism Business Scheme. Please click on the photo or house name to visit their websites.

Balmillig B&B

Balmillig Bed & Breakfast (near Loch Lomond)
64B Colquhoun Street, Helensburgh,
Argyll & Bute, G84 9JP
Scotland, United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)1436 674922 | E:

Hosts Anne & John Urquhart welcome you to Balmillig, just 20 miles north of Glasgow airport and close to Loch Lomond. Set in beautiful gardens in a leafy conservation area of Helensburgh, Balmillig is a friendly relaxing home with comfortable conservatory and guests lounge. Free Wi-Fi.
Orchard House Luxury Bed and Breakfast Accommodation nr Edinburgh Orchard House Bed & Breakfast 8 miles south of Edinburgh
The Walled Garden, Rosewell,
Midlothian, EH24 9EQ
Scotland, United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)131 4404515 | E:
Hosts Archie & Anne Hunter are the epitome of Celtic warmth and hospitality and welcome you to their idyllic country location just 8 miles south of Edinburgh. A fabulous place to stay for exploring the city and its beautiful surrounding countryside.

Bed and Breakfast Burnbank Cottage in Kinross

Burnbank Bed & Breakfast (close to Loch Leven)
79 Muirs, Kinross
Kinross-shire KY13 8AZ
Scotland, United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)1577 861931 | M: (07926) 194823

Hosts Ann & Trevor offer a warm and friendly welcome to their home at Burnbank in the beautiful Kinross countryside, close to Loch Leven. With the highest standards in comfort,
combined with impeccable personal service and the best of locally sourced Scottish produce you are sure of a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Cosses Country House bed and breakfast accommodation in SW Scotland Cosses Country House (south west Scotland)
Ballantrae, Nr. Girvan
Ayrshire, KA26 0LR
Scotland, United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)1465 831363 | E:

Hosts Susan & Robin Crosthwaite invite you to discover Cosses Country House hidden in a valley on the edge of Crailoch Burn, a tributary of the famous River Stinchar in Scotland. Set in twelve acres of woodland and garden Cosses Country House has heaps to offer her guests including home baking and a friendly welcome from Labradors Bonzo and Monty.

Jannel B&B Stornoway

Jannel Bed & Breakfast (Outer Hebrides)
5 Stewart Drive, Stornoway
Isle of Lewis, HS1 2TU
Scotland, United Kingdom
T: 0800 634 3270 | E:

Host Helen Froud welcomes you to Jannel Bed & Breakfast where in a busy world, Jannel provides a chance for you to relax. Jannel is a modern, light and spacious family house, designed and furnished to the same exacting standards as the rest of our accommodation and is located in a quiet leafy residential area close to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.

Aurora Bed & Breakfast, by Torridon, Rosshire

Aurora Bed & Breakfast (North West Highlands)
 Shieldaig by Torridon
 Ross-shire, IV54 8XN
 Scotland, United Kingdom
 T: 01520 755 246 | +44 1520 755246 |


Your host Ann Barton welcomes you to her 4 star B&B in a stunning coastal location in the village of Shieldaig amongst the Torridon Mountains. With 3 good quality king & super-king ensuite bedrooms, Ann provides a mixture of locally sourced, seasonal, fairtrade, organic and some home-grown along with home-made yoghurt, bread, preserves and cook from scratch where possible.  Every thought is given to our guest’s needs & comfort; from Wi-Fi, handmade soap, drying room, walking info, bike hire to a spacious new dining room with extensive glazing (maximising solar gain) and great views. The Torridon area is a great place to base to spend time walking, nature & bird watching. 2012 sees a camera installed on Shieldaig Island to view the Sea-Eagles nest.

Culgower House Loth Helmsdale Sutherland

Culgower House (North Highlands, enroute to Orkney)
Loth, Helmsdale,
Sutherland, KW8 6HP,
Scotland, United Kingdom

T: 01431 821 268 | E:

Welcome to Culgower House, originally built in 1850 as a farmhouse for Sutherland Estates, Culgower House lies between Brora and Helmsdale on the scenic East Sutherland coast and has glorious views over the sea. Your hosts Catriona and John offer tranquil, contemporary, high quality bed and breakfast. A great base for touring the north Highlands or en-route to Orkney.


GREEN TRAVEL - GREEN TARIFF: If you are travelling to stay with us at Seaview and are using public transport from home (or from the airport for our international guests) to get here - train and bus, cycle or on foot - then you qualify for a 5% discount for the first night of your stay off our B&B standard rate for stays of 1-2 nights only. All you need to do is tell us you will be travelling by public transport at the time you make the booking and produce a valid train and bus ticket on your arrival and we will take care of the rest. Sorry - this offer is not available with any other of our special breaks or discounted stays.

Click on the link for further information on how to find out about reduced travel rates - TRAVEL BY BUS AND RAIL

Our Proud to be Green’ policy is comprehensive and features in all the guest room information folders; we welcome any effort and support our guests make to help us achieve our aims and objectives. Our GTBS Systems and Management Report is also available for guests to read and documents everything we do between our assessments in order to achieve gold.

Further information about the Green Tourism Business Awards and what you can do to help can be found on and

"Proud to be Green”

responsible travel website



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